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Hua Yun 49 key wireless infrared TV remote control HY-044

Short Description:

The remote control is used for a long time, and the conductive sheet of the key is dirty, leading to the failure of the key.
The emergency solution is to carefully open the back cover of the remote control, dip a cotton swab with alcohol, wipe the conductive rubber on the plastic key piece and the printing surface of the printing board. Black material will be left on the cotton swab, and then replace the cotton swab and wipe again until there is no more black material. Then reinstall the remote control.

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Our HY-044 TV remote operates in infrared mode, which is generally what you should use on your TV. It measures 187 x 45 x 13mm, has a maximum number of 49 keys, and uses a widely available and easily replaceable 2 x AAA standard battery. It is made of ABS and silicone.

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Huayun remote control manufacturers in the field of remote control has 15 years of history, successfully passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 system certification, CE certification, FCC certification and in line with the European Union related environmental directives (WEEE & ROHS) requirements. This means that Huayun's quality and environment have reached the international advanced level. We actively undertake corporate social responsibility and are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of remote control products.



1. Can be applied to all kinds of TV, using infrared remote control, can also customize other functions

2. With strict quality testing, each remote control can achieve the effect that customers want

3. The remote control is sensitive, and the battery is easy to be replaced by the common battery

4. The shell can be customized logo, pattern, or printing in different languages

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TV;TV BOX;Audio player/Video player



Product name

IR TV remote control

Model number



49 key





Battery Type



ABS, Plastic And Silicone


TV/TV Box, Audio / Video Players


OPP or Customer customization


1. Is Huayun a factory?
Yes, Huayun is a factory specializing in remote control production and R&D, located in Dongguan, China. We can provide you with one on one OEM/ODM service.

2. What can the product be customized
Color, key number, key size, function, LOGO printing, packaging, etc

3. About the sample.
Sample completion time is within 7 days;
After determining the price, the sample can be inspected and tested.

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