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Hua Yun 20 Key RF 433 Remote Control HY-021

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RF remote control, is a wireless electromagnetic wave signal to achieve the control of  by the electrical equipment, they can command or drive other corresponding mechanical or electronic equipment to complete various operations, such as closing the circuit, moving the handle, starting the motor, and then the machinery to carry out the required operations. As a kind of remote control supplemented with infrared remote control, it has been widely used in garage doors, electric doors, road gate remote control, burglar alarm, industrial control and wireless smart home.

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Our HY-021B RF 433 Audio remote control adopts RF remote control, mainly used in the TV. Its size is 106*37*10mm, the back concave and convex design fits the way you take the remote control, comfortable and convenient to hold. This remote control the maximum number of keys 20 keys, the battery is 2*AAA common battery, in many stores can also be bought, easy to replace. The material of our remote control is ABS+Silicone.


Our Dongguan Huayun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a remote control manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, can provide customers with R & D to production services. We also have a strong R & D team and experienced production staff, with thousands of sets of molds.



1. The shape design is more comfortable to hold.

2. RF 433 auto remote control button sensitive.

3. The battery adopts ordinary battery, which is easy to replace.

4. Silkscreen printing, infrared Bluetooth voice function, the number of buttons can be customized.

5. Can be designed according to customer needs, used in car Audio, home audio, industrial control and smart home.

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Our rf433 audio remote control can be used in audio, industrial control, smart home and other fields.



Product name

RF 433 Audio remote control

Model number



20 key




RF 433

Battery Type



ABS,Plastic And Silicone


Audio ,industrial control, smart home


PE or Customer Customization


1. Is Huayun a factory?
Yes, Huayun is a factory, production and sales company, located in Dongguan, China. We provide OEM/ODM services.

2. What can the product change?
Color, key number, function, LOGO, printing.

3. About the sample.
After the price is confirmed, you can ask for sample inspection.
The new sample will be completed within 7 days.
Customers can customize the products.

4. What should the customer do if the product breaks down?
If the product is damaged during transportation, please contact us and our sales staff will send you a new product as a replacement for the damaged product.

5. What kind of logistics will be adopted?
Usually express and sea freight. According to the region and customer needs.

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